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    Buying or selling your business
    Les Moulins de Chérisy can provide valuable advice and support to new business initiatives : from finding the bakery that is right for you, assessing its potential, guiding you through the process of closing the deal and contributing financially if needed, to providing technical support through the early stages, our unwavering commitment is to ensure success.  You may also rely on the hands-on experience of our representatives. Whether you wish to buy or sell your bakery, or set up your own business, the expert advice of Joël Confais will help you make the right choices. We will also direct you to trustworthy partners to guide you through  the financing process. We offer a detailed financial feasability study and  a comprehensive financing plan taking into account the sale of your business, the expenses related to the purchase, your personal contribution and personal guarantee and your financial responsibilities towards your family.
    Please contact Joël CONFAIS : 06 12 47 44 65 or by email : joel.confais@moulinsdecherisy.fr
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    Hosting events
    Commercial events should be hosted at key moments in your activity (new products, local celebrations, new store, etc.) They give your business exposure while bringing you closer to local residents, making it plain that you value  the notion of proximity. We work with you to help you win the trust of customers and attract new business. Our expert decorator and our technical bakery advisor will be standing by you to prepare and host the event.
    Please contact Michèle MORET  : 06 33 05 94 85  or by email : michele.moret@moulinsdecherisy.fr
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    On-Premises Advertising
    The teams at work at Les Moulins de Chérisy have developed a large number of communication tools to help you showcase your products and highlight your work values. Several of our star products (special breads as well as the great classics) come with a communication kit composed of customized packaging, price holders, posters, mobile signs, product information, etc. We have also developed an exclusive signage system, a line of special objects and promotional events which we have enriched and renewed along the years (very high quality wrought iron signs, "La Tradi" loyalty cards, advertising signs, ceramics, window stickers, work uniforms...). Together we contribute to enliven your store, making it a warm and pleasant place.
    Please contact Michèle MORET : 06 33 05 94 85 or by email : michele.moret@moulinsdecherisy.fr
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    Nowadays training is at the core of the success of any business. We regularly host seminars centred around three key subjects :
    1) Production
    - Session 1 : setting up your business
    - Session 2 : French tradition
    - Session 3 : organic products
    - Session 4 : baking homemade leavened bread
    2) Management
    Hosted by Pascal Legrand, our accountant and financial analyst, this training session is intended for those business owners desirous to fully understand the requirements of sound management : accounting rules, summary of expenses, costs and taxes, study of the premiminary sales agreement, VAT, amortisations, keeping the accounting journal, financial ratios; all you need to know to work serenely and know where you stand at all times.
    3) Sales
    Hosted by Joël Confais, this session will enable you to determine who your existing competitors are, find out what services and products your potential customers expect to get and understand the market segment of a bakery. This session also aims to explain the commercial impact of your own store name, and to advise you on store layout and product display.
    Please contact Yann BUISSON : 06 12 47 44 66 or by email : yann.buisson@moulinsdecherisy.fr