A few words about the mill

At the mill Thomas Maurey leads a dynamic and purpose-driven team. Each member plays a defined role in developing and improving the structure : the mill now boasts a new logistics unit, a new grinding unit, a dynamic trade policy. Tradition and momentum are the source of our strength and our guiding principles.

In keeping with the course set by the Lethuillier family, Thomas Maurey represents a sixth generation of millers. The date displayed on the company’s logo -1710- bears witness to the long-established tradition. We strive for transparency! Each year the entire production of the mill is assessed by an independant source to ensure it meets the ISO 22000 standards and fulfills the strictest requirements.


The know-how of French craft bakers is fast becoming a highly-prized export commodity, and we are proud to be instrumental in spreading its reputation. It is essential for us to ensure the supply of raw materials of the highest quality for our customers. We are at present exporting our flours to Japan, Sweden, Canada, and our products can also be found in the French land overseas (Guadeloupe, Réunion etc…)

Our improved logistics has made us confident that we can export anywhere in the world regardless of climate conditions, and our products will soon reach the five continents.

A few key figures

• Annual flour production, in quintals : 240 000

• Daily grinding capacity : 2000 quintaux

• Départements serviced : 20

• Number of sales representatives : 7

• Number of trucks : 9

• Number of partner bakeries : 450

A team of dedicated professionals at your service

  • Thomas Maurey
    Direct phone line : 06 80 05 89 27 [...]
  • Michel Sardo
    Sales director.
    Direct phone line : 06 12 47 45 02
    michel.sardo@moulinsdecherisy.fr [...]
  • Pascal Legrand
    Direct phone line : 02 37 62 77 75 [...]
  • Sébastien Gesnouin
    Plant operations manager.
    Direct phone line : 02 37 62 77 77 [...]
  • Pierre Jean Potot
    Logistics manager.
    Tel : 02 37 62 77 77 [...]

The mills in pictures

Les moulins en images
Les moulins en images
Les moulins en images
Les moulins en images
Les moulins en images
Les moulins en images
Les moulins en images