Setting up a new business

We boast invaluable knowledge of the market We are convinced that our experience is essential when it comes to setting up a new business or getting started in the field. Our daily tasks require us to deal on a daily basis with all sorts of companies addressing the various customer segments. Hence we know how useful and precious our advice can be at this key moment in your entrepreneurial life and your craft bakery venture. Supporting you every step of the way Helping future craft bakers and pastry chefs in their endeavour to set up a business is part of our daily commitment. Each year we are instrumental in conveying some fifty businesses, directly or through specialized firms. Our proven expertise stems from a combination of multiple work experiences : whether you opt for independant management or for purchasing your own business, you can benefit from our advice prior to signing the preliminary sales agreement (feasability study, legal assistance…). We provide guidance every step of the way. A dedicated team Our company’s structure is both flexible and reasonable in size, which reduces the number of contacts and also guarantees that you will receive answers to all your queries in a clear and timely fashion. Joël Confais is in charge of conveyance. He works in association with Michel Sardo (sales manager) and Thomas Maurey (general manager), forming a close-knit team dedicated to your success. *Due to his extensive experience at the head of the Moulin de Chérisy Thomas Maurey was selected to compose the entry titled « Business Conveyance » in the Universal Dictionary of Bread (Robert Laffont, 2010)

Please contact Joël CONFAIS : 06 12 47 44 65 or by email :

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Partnership based on mutual trust

Give us an opportunity to study your investment project or your guidance and support requirements, and we shall do our best to suggest the most suitable solutions.

Business Acquisition

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Selling your business

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Financing / Guarantees

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Credibility / Longevity

Les Moulins de Chérisy will help you maintain your company’s image and strengthen ties with both your financial partners and your customers …