Les Moulins de Chérisy


Together is a very meaningful word to the close-knit team at the Mill. Our daily commitment is to ensure that only the highest quality wheats are assembled to produce the best flours. The solid partnership we have created with craft bakers fuels our enthusiasm for developing new products and services. Together, we stand by you to help you carve out a successful business. Welcome to Les Moulins de Chérisy!


Our beliefs

A large part of our work involves studying new suggestions. Rather than focusing on quantity, we favour the crafting of high-quality products that may bring out the time-tested know-how of a baker. Here are a few of our creations: L’impatiente, a tasty baguette with seeds, La Belle Arôme with a hint of spice, and L’Equilibre with a bran-flour base. In addition to our gamme Rusti (Country line), we should also mention l’Artisan Bio (Organic baker) designed to help you bake organic breads with a distinct personality. We are proud to present a range of products whose excellence is, we believe, unmatched.

A short history of Les Moulins de Chérisy

  • The construction of the mill at Chérisy, a stone’s throw from the Beauce, « France’s bread basket », dates back to the middle ages! The company’s logo proudly bears the date 1710, which marks the start of the Lethuiller family tradition: millers from father to son, they purchased the mill in the 19th century, thereby ensuring its bustling activity for generations to come. Desirous to preserve the independance and values dear to the family business Michel and Yves Lethuillier, being without offspring, handed over the reins of Chérisy in the late 1990s to the Maurey, a family established in Ile de France since time immemorial.


    A man walking in the footsteps of his forebearers, Thomas Maurey represents a sixth generation of millers: under his guidance a team of highly-motivated professionals relying on effective management tools work relentlessly to develop state-of-the-art equipment: the mill now boasts a new logistics unit, a new grinding unit, a dynamic trade policy… Tradition and momentum are the source of our strength and our guiding principles. These are the values that we aim to share with our customers.